Complaints on items purchased from Westman Ltd. are made according to the rules of the Consumer Protection Act. For this purpose, the user must fill out a Complaint Application or send it to email:

Complaint application (downloadable file), please attach photographic material, a description of the damaged elements, according to the assembly diagram, if available, and attach the necessary documents – Furniture purchase contract, Invoice, Acceptance-handover protocol, address and data for return connection.

After learning about the case, an employee of the Complaints Department will contact the user to give an opinion on the acceptance or rejection of the complaint and the subsequent steps for remediation

Complaint application: DOWNLOAD FILE

For complete transparency and easier follow-up of the communication, the correspondence regarding the elimination of the complaint is carried out in written, electronic form. The regulation according to which Vestman EOOD considers complaints is described in detail in the General Terms and Conditions (link to them) of the company, under section XI. OVERVIEW OF THE GOODS. COMPLAINT.